Our Services

Human Remains Detection (HRD) K9s are specially trained to locate and perform an indication for decomposition odor.  These K9s ignore both animal and live human scent.  Our HRD K9s are proficient in both land and water searches.  We can assist in location of lost and missing persons, presumed deceased, in wilderness, confined spaces, disasters, and assist in location of evidence in active or cold case crime scenes.

Mantrailing K9s are scent specific.  They require a scent article to discriminate the subject from others in the search area.  Mantrailing K9s are able to find a lost or missing person's direction of travel and are able to work in urban areas.

Area Search K9s are trained to locate any live human scent.  These K9s work off lead and are used to cover a large wilderness area quickly.  Area search K9s are trained to ignore other K9 search teams in the area.  Area search K9s can assist in searches for lost and missing persons in wilderness and disaster settings.